Plaintiff dismissed in personal injury suit against transportation company

The Fuentes Firm successfully defended a bus company in a personal injury lawsuit in Houston, Harris County, Texas.

The plaintiff, her children and extended family were passengers on the passenger bus. The plaintiff, her children and extended family were all Houston residents. The Defendant was a transportation company based out of Texas that provides passenger bus service to and from Mexico.

The front of the passenger bus collided with the back of another vehicle in Mexico. Plaintiff brought a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of herself and her child against Defendant.

Although all parties were from Houston, Texas and the bus was returning to Houston, Texas, there was a jurisdictional clause on the bus ticket that required any accidents occurring in Mexico to be subject to exclusive jurisdiction in Mexico. Attorney Brian Schrumpf of The Fuentes Firm successfully moved that the court dismiss the Plaintiff’s claims on jurisdictional grounds. The court agreed with Mr. Schrumpf’s arguments and dismissed all of the Plaintiff’s claims, including those brought on behalf of her child.