Transportation Agreements

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The Fuentes Firm, P.C. devotes a significant portion of its practice to drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts to provide motor carriers and freight brokers contracts that add value to their businesses while limiting their exposure to personal injury lawsuits, cargo claims, and employment claims.

Your company’s Terms & Conditions, Rules Circulars, and Bills of Lading help protect your company when it has done nothing wrong. Shipper-drafted contracts, however, including Shipper-Carrier Agreements, Shipper-Broker Agreements, and Master Services Agreements, often require your company to indemnify, insure, and pay for the shipper’s attorney, even when a loss was caused by the shipper’s negligence. We have extensive experience reviewing, revising, and negotiating every type of shipper-drafted contract, particularly for freight transportation and brokerage related to the energy and general manufacturing industries.

Well-drafted employment contracts, including Independent Contractor Agreements (also called Owner-Operator Agreements, and Leased Operator Agreements), Sales Commission Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and Non-Solicitation Agreements can protect your company from tax liability and unemployment insurance liability. When tailored to your company’s operators, these contracts can also protect your investment in your customers and owner-operators and promote driver retention – even during the driver shortage. We have extensive experience drafting employment contracts and enforcing our contracts in litigation.

Our firm also regularly drafts and negotiates more specialized contracts including Equipment Lease Agreements, Driver Staffing Agreements, Safety Consulting Agreements, Purchase and Sales Agreements, and various types of Releases and Waivers.

When a dispute arises – and it always does – an upfront investment in your company’s contracts can save time and money and prevent unnecessary headaches. Our lawyers work with trucking contracts every day and understand how your company’s operations impact the contracts it needs. Please click the links below for additional information:


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