Contracts & Employment


Our experience includes contract review, contract drafting and contract litigation. Please visit the Contracts page for more information, or click the links below for information about specific contracts:

Employment Law

All too often, small to medium-sized employers take the blunt of many of society’s problems along with ill will and disputes of many kinds, Laws, rules, regulations and taxation can pose real challenges to business owners on one hand.  On the other hand, lawsuit from disgruntled employees often make it even more challenging to keep a business moving forward poised for success.  Legal challenges may include workers alleging harassment on the job or business partners involved in contract disputes.

Timely, customized legal advice and representation can be critical to a business from time to time – to prevent litigation or to respond to claims and lawsuits before they cripple business operations.  Prudent business owners entrust their employment law matters to experienced attorneys who are dedicated to protecting the employer’s interests. The Fuentes Firm, P.C., represents businesses’ management in labor and employment law matters such as the following:

  • Employee relations
  • Employment litigation
  • Government relations

Many of our clients need to consult with or be represented by an attorney on a regular basis.  Their business are large enough to encounter complex employment law issues often, but not large enough to have in-house legal counsel as a larger corporations do.  Consider the cost-effectiveness of doing business with The Fuentes Firm, P.C.