The Fuentes Firm, P.C. proudly represents motor carriers and transportation companies in Texas when they don’t get paid for the work they do.

Cash flow is vital to sustaining operations and growing a trucking company. Brokers and shippers failing to pay freight charges can cause unwanted headaches and tie up resources that could be put to better use. A common source of unpaid freight charges is due to brokers and shippers going out of business; fortunately, the law provides motor carriers with other avenues to collect freight charges in these situations.


The Fuentes Firm is a Texas law firm, and we can file lawsuits when brokers and shippers fail to pay freight charges. We are deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the law, methods, and strategy for collecting freight charges quickly and efficiently.

Avg recovery rate
1 %

Our average rate of recovery is 73 percent of the amount in controversy.

Million collected
$ 1

Since the Collections Department was created, we have collected $17,000,000 on behalf of our clients and billed only a fraction of that amount.

fee on average
10- 1 %

Our cost of collections fee is on average 10 to 25 percent of recovery.

Why Choose Us?

The law provides motor carriers with multiple avenues to collect freight charges.  Carriers can pursue shippers, consignees and owners of cargo.  If handled properly, carriers also have the right to file mechanic liens in construction projects and mineral liens against well sites.

Many collections companies outsource legal services, and they are unaware of these additional avenues of recovery.  They cannot file lawsuits to collect unpaid freight charges.   

They also charge contingency fees between 15-45% of recovery, plus costs, depending on how long the claim is pending.  They determine how aggressive they are in their collections’ efforts.  The more they delay the collections process, the greater their contingency fee

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