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Practicing in Dallas, TX

Caylin Craig


Ms. Caylin Craig is an associate attorney with The Fuentes Firm, P.C. Her practice is dedicated to representing transportation and trucking companies in the North Texas region.

Ms. Craig earned her Juris Doctor from Baylor University Law School. During this time, she obtained diverse legal knowledge through her internships, including interning for Judge Brenda Hall Thompson at the Dallas County Probate Court, the Waco City Attorney’s Office, as well as personal injury firms.

After law school, Ms. Craig continued her legal career in roles that allowed her to further develop her expertise, encompassing skills in legal research and writing, complex case management, and effective negotiation. She also gained valuable experience representing clients across various legal proceedings.

These experiences, combined with her educational background have shaped Ms. Craig into a well-equipped attorney, and we are proud to have her on our team.