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Solving the Puzzle of Trucking Defense

Defending a trucking accident claim is similar to solving a puzzle. Often, the picture is unclear because the pieces are missing or out of place. At The Fuentes Firm, P.C., we have the experience, dedication and fortitude to gather the pieces of the case that matter most to obtaining a successful result.  However, just gathering the pieces isn’t enough. At The Fuentes Firm, P.C., we are able to effectively apply Texas law to place the pieces in the right position and establish a clear picture of your defenses and exposure. We will then work with you to develop a strategy to achieve a favorable result. Throughout this process, our top priority is to protect your interests.

Federal and state regulations governing the trucking industry require attorneys to be thoroughly familiar with the practices of both drivers and their employers.  Our Houston and South Texas attorneys are well versed in the regulations governing interstate and intrastate trucking. Many trucking claims call for detailed and complex accident reconstruction and analysis. Experience in this area of the law is essential.

From our experience, we know that trucking litigation defense requires careful planning, clear goals, and a strategic evaluation of the risks involved. Claims are investigated promptly, and clients are kept well informed as the litigation progresses.

The damages and risks involved in trucking litigation claims are usually significant and require competent legal representation with experienced trucking defense attorneys. The trucking defense attorneys at Texas-based law firm The Fuentes Firm, P.C., are experienced in trucking litigation and have the knowledge and means necessary to pursue a successful outcome for our clients.  It is, after all, the clients’ interests that are at stake, and we recognize that effective advocacy requires not just the use of lawyering skills but also an understanding of the clients’ viewpoint and the financial concerns at issue. Protecting your business is our priority, and our reputation is based on our ability to act as good stewards of the trucking industry and your business interests.

Let our firm help you protect your business during a difficult lawsuit arising out of a serious trucking accident.