Master Services Agreements

We prepare, review, and negotiate terms of Master Services Agreements. Master Service Agreements contain terms and implications that are very specific to the transportation industry, so they should prepared and reviewed by someone experienced with contract drafting and review in the transportation industry. Some provisions, such as indemnification provisions, limitation of liability provisions, and insurance provisions, can have a large impact on a shipment gone wrong, so they require careful consideration.

It can be tempting to use a stock contract or make a deal without negotiating the terms of the Master Services Agreement to get your cargo moving or land an account. And, you probably have more important things to do than read a 30 page contract full of phrases like “hereinafter” and “notwithstanding the foregoing.” But when a cargo claim arises, you want the terms of the agreement to protect you, or you could be out substantial sums of money.

We understand you do not want to fight over every word in a contract, but most companies appreciate a business partner that is diligent about defining the terms of the relationship in a fair manner. We are experienced contract negotiators who frequently negotiate contracts with in-house attorneys and general counsel, and we know that our job is to get the deal done efficiently while limiting your exposure. Whether your company enters into a few Master Services Agreements per year or dozens per month, our attorneys can help reduce your exposure and provide peace of mind.