CollectionsCash flow is vital to sustaining operations and growing a trucking company. Brokers and shippers failing to pay freight charges can cause unwanted headaches and tie up resources that could be put to better use. And, a common source of unpaid freight charges is due to brokers and shippers going out of business; fortunately, the law provides motor carriers with other avenues to collect freight charges in these situations.

The Fuentes Firm has attorneys, paralegals, and support staff that specialize in freight charge collections, and we have staff fully dedicated to collecting freight charges for trucking companies. We are deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the law, methods, and strategy for collecting freight charges quickly and efficiently. In addition, since The Fuentes Firm is a law firm, we can file lawsuits when brokers and shippers fail to pay freight charges; many collections agencies are not licensed attorneys and cannot file lawsuits to collect freight charges.

The Fuentes Firm, P.C. proudly represents motor carriers and transportation companies who don’t get paid for the work they do.